Think of us as a PEC – a Performance Enhancing Consultancy

Goals-based Assessment

Before diving under the hood, we want to know where you’re trying to go, and how fast. Understanding your goals helps us understand how to assess performance. If your goals aren’t clear, no problem. We can help with that. We will review your plans, meet your people, and evaluate performance against goals to give you a clear sense of where your strengths and opportunities lie.

Roadmap Development

Planning is great, doing is better. Rather than delivering a static plan for the work ahead, we will work with you to develop a dynamic roadmap, attached to your goals, with the understanding (confidence, really) that the path will have some unanticipated twists and turns. It’s about putting people in a place to succeed in driving toward shared goals.

Philanthropic Brand Development

That’s right. Philanthropic brand, tied directly to the organizational brand. We love to push hard to get to mission, purpose, aspiration and, ultimately, how donors can partner with you to do something extraordinary. We will dig, and dig, and dig… until we get to the heart of your story in ways that connect with and inspire your community to step forward.

Fluency Training

Talking points don’t raise money. People with a story to tell do. We work with your team to make sure people get your story at a deep level, with the confidence to express it personally and enthusiastically.