What is Melichar Consulting?

Well, the obvious answer (a “consulting practice”) isn’t very exciting, or helpful to a client in need of solutions… now.

Melichar Consulting is grounded by a set of beliefs shaped by 25 years working in and with nonprofit organizations, their staff and leaders, donors, the media covering them, and the public looking to them for a better future.

Beliefs that turned into a commitment in 2021, after more than a year of total disruption, to jump into this moment of change with realistic, relentless optimism that nonprofits and the people who lead and invest in them, can do extraordinary good at a time when it is so intensely necessary.

As Principal of Melichar Consulting, Charlie Melichar leads client engagements, pulling in trusted partners when necessary to ensure our clients have access to the best thinking, and support.

There is a lot of “we” language here, because that’s how we work. Charlie’s name is on the door, but the “we” is a network of partners and affiliates – experts in their own right – we call on when the need arises. This means we get you the best people in the field, based on your specific needs.